NOrdic 5.5

Nordic 5.5 is a continuous mixing pump for floor screeds, EPS Cement, special concrete and plaster.

Nordic 5.5 is a smooth, easy and user-friendly mixing pump with the right capacity in all modes. The pump is primarily intended for floor leveling, but is also suitable for other types of pumpable drymixt material. The mixer pump is Swedish-made, and is a robust machine built for Nordic conditions, of components tested for over 30 years on construction machinery.

Thanks to its low weight and its cleverly positioned handles, the pump is very easy to move, and load in and out, for example. a truck on loose ramps.
The mixer pump has been developed in a user-friendly manner, making it very easy to boot and, above all, easy to clean. Quick coupling and multiple jacket variants make it easy to switch between different pumpable materials. Dust hood and micro switch are a matter of course for the best possible working environment.
Blandarpump - nordic5-5Blandarpump - nordic5-5


Floor equalization: 3,5 - 4,5 tons / h
Type EPS Cement: 2 - 5 kbm / h
Pumped dry concrete: 1,5 - 3,5 ton / h

Technical Data

Power supply:
Three-phase 400V – 50Hz
Three-phase 230V – 50Hz
Three-phase 230V – 60Hz
Gear motor: 5,5 kW
Conveying distance: 40 – 60m
Material hose: 35mm
Maximum grain size: 6mm
Pump height: 6 floors
Weight: 165kg


Pump Tubing
Hose reels
Pump jackets and screws