nP 255 pro

NP 255 Pro is a powerful conveying pump, versatile machine ideal for spraying conventional, pre-mixed surface coatings, special products and cement screed. NP 255 Pro is lightweight, smooth and user-friendly.

NP 255 Pro has variable speed range as can be controlled on operating pump and start-stop can be controlled with a wireless controller
With the transport wheels recessed and the pump in working mode, the fill height is only 44 cm, but it is possible to increase the hopper volume quickly and easily with frames that increase the volume by 40 liters per frame. Perfect for cement, lime, dry concrete, fire seal, jointing and all types of pumpable products.
Thanks to its low weight and transport wheels, the NP 255 Pro is easy to handle and load in and out of transport vehicles. NP 255 Pro is very easy to boot and clean, open the bottom door, flush with clean water and clean the hose with water and balls.

NP 255 Pro conveying pump is manufactured in Sweden and is a robust machine for tough handling in the construction and mining industry.

Technical Data

Power supply: Three phase 400 V – 50 Hz
Gear motor: 5,5 kW
Conveying distance: 80m
Conveying output: 10 - 50 litres/min
Material hose: 35 mm
Maximum grain size: 6 mm
Pump height: 8 floors
Hopper: 80 - 200 liters
Filling height: 44 – 74 cm
Dimensions: L/W/H 124x63x65 cm
Weight: 145 kg


Pump tubing
Hose reels
Pump jackets and screws