NP230 Is a small conveying pump for self-leveling floor screeds and expander concrete. The NP230 is an easy-to-use conveying pump that weighs only 60 kg. NP230 pumps the material through a light and smooth 1 "hose up to 4 floors. Mix your material into a bucket or barrel and pour it into the pump, then it take care of the heavy load for you.
NP230 can pump in hose lengths up to 40m.
NP230 takes a very small amount of space, if necessary, the conveying pump can be adjusted to the highest level to take as little space as possible on the warehouse or in the car.

Thanks to its low weight, the NP230 is easy to load and unload in trucks.

NP230 is incredibly easy to "get started", make sure it is spinning around, then pour the pre-mixed material into the pump, and turn the button on the included remote control.
NP230 is as easy to clean as starting up, flush with clean water and clean the hose with water and balls.

NP230 is manufactured in Sweden and is a robust machine for tough handling in the construction industry.
Brukspump -  NP230Brukspump -  NP230


Screed: 1400 kg / h
Expander Concrete: 1200 kg / h

Technical Data

Power supply: Single phase 230 V - 50 Hz
Gear motor: 1,5 kW
Conveying distance: 20 – 40m
Material hose: 25mm
Maximum grain size: 4mm
Pump height: 4 floors
Weight: 60kg


Pump tubing
Hose reels
Pump jackets and screws